Makeup Lesson

If you are thinking to do your own makeup on your wedding day we can arrange a makeup lesson for the specific look you would like to archive.


This includes consulation.

Preparation of your skin depending on your skin type weeks before your wedding day, things that you should do to have a healthy looking skin.

Products that you will need to buy that you may need on top of what you have you wil have an additional 20% dicount on your products as well with me.

Last one to one makeup demonstarion via Zoom, skype or facebook.


I will show you all the steps that you will need to do on your special day, for a long lasting and beautiful look by yourself.

We will chat and I will answer all the questions you may have, as well of showing you easy tricks to make it easier on the day.

Booking your lesson in advance, closer to your wedding day is betterso you have fresher the look and also all the neccesary ptoducts you will need.

Together we will create your look for your special day with you being the artist.

The session is 80 minutes.

And the cost will be £60